Bitcoin Gambling: Bitcoin Dice Game

Bitcoin dice game was the first amongst gambling games on Bitcoin network. And interestingly, dice games continue to be the most popular even today. With more and more online casinos accepting cryptos, chances of playing Bitcoin dice games have significantly increased. Top online casinos of Japan also offer the best crypto dice game on the web with instant BTC deposits & withdrawals and a bunch of bonuses. While there may be multiple dice games that can be played using Bitcoins, you will find that all casinos offer at least one type. Moreover, dice games are always safer; they make use of the latest technologies to ensure that results are fair. Many Bitcoin dice websites even provide Bitcoin dice faucet that lets you play free of charge.

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Why Bitcoin dice games appeal to gamblers:

Bitcoin dice games are simple to play and you can choose from various dice games when you play online. Unlike dice websites, platforms offering Bitcoins and crypto dice games will not force you to trust the casinos. Rather, these run on transparent blockchains which let you verify that games you play are fair. All dice games conform to the same processes but there are some differences between traditional and Bitcoin dice games. Firstly, the Bitcoin dice games are provably fair because players can check the platform themselves to ensure there is no tampering of odds. Secondly, these dice games let you gamble with BTC and trade with the bitcoin rush app, a classic crypto trading bot that carries out trading automatically.. This is advantageous because you get to withdraw winnings in BTC at any point of time. BTC transactions take lesser time and you can access your profits quickly. In contrast, casino players will have to rely on those platforms for getting their payouts.

How Bitcoin dice is played:

As a player, you must choose a number within 1-100 and then place a bet on whether the dice roll will provide a number below or above the number you chose. To increase your chances of winning you can consider using dice playing strategies like Martingale strategy. You must increase your wager amount slowly when you have been winning consistently. It is wise to bank half of the winnings so that you can retain your profits when you have been on a winning streak. Finally, choose a platform which offers benefits, like a Bitcoin faucet.

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  • Of the different types of Bitcoin games you can play, Bitcoin Dice is most rewarding. It has straightforward rules which players can learn quickly. Players can choose to master certain strategies which will help to boost their chances of wins. Such strategies are similar to those used in traditional dice games and they focus on staking plans of players. This means understanding whether to be high or low of a dice roll. But, to use these strategies well, you must understand how the game works.
  • Sic Bo is another popular Chinese Bitcoin dice game played by millions. You can bet on players’ scores based upon the outcome of 3 dice rolls. So, you can choose from a broad range of bets and payouts.
  • Craps is an action-packed dice game which draws the maximum crowds in any casino. The Bitcoin craps dice game works just like regular craps and outcomes depend on numbers in dice rolls by players.
  • Standard hi/lo is a fundamental Bitcoin dice game where you bet on sum of 2 dices as to whether it will be lower or higher than a certain number. This is easy-to-play and you can wager on many crypto games in within a short time-period.